Saturday, 25 April 2015


Good Afternoon Sunshines!

Is it not gorgeous when it's sunny outside....and you are stuck in work???

Thanks God it's not very busy down here so I am taking a little break to write this post.

Essence, my precious Essence, what would I do without you?

I visited the shop inside the Arndale last week end and I left with a little blue bag full of make up.

The fear of not having a complete stand is really make me buying more and more Essence make up.

The new collections available are the clearly Cinderella- inspired "Hidden Stories" and the "I love Nudes".

I did not get anything from the first one, despite loving the mousse eyeshadows and the highlighters, whilst I got few bits from the second one.

The eyeshadows are, in my opinion, the star products of the entire collection.

If you want to buy something from the I love Nudes, buy these.

The consistency is a dream, these are some of the best powders I have ever seen and owned.

The texture is soft and buttery but not too chalky, with a perfect and blendable satin finish.

The shades are my everyday choice, day and night, the kind of selection you can use day and night. I will probably hit the pan very soon considering how much I am using them.

You will find the swatches below (blame the crap blogger app for not letting me organize the pictures as I want) of the 4 shadows that I got.

01 vanilla sugar is a frosty white
02 cake pop is a frosty pink
03 creme brulee is a light creamy brown
04 sweet like chocolate is a caramel brown

My favourite has to be Cake Pop, the pink really suits my skin tone and with a matte black in the crease is the perfect base for my usual smoky eyes.

The collection has some permanent bits that can be found in the stand, as the Pure Nude Powder.

I went for the number 20 nude but it looks to me, due to the fact these are incredibly sheer powders, all the shades are quite transparent and will easily suit every skintone.

Despite being not the best powder in terms of longevity and needing few touch ups during the day I love the very natural matte finish the Nude Powder gives to my face.

I basically own all the Essence powders, reason being I travel a lot and I's d rather put at risk a cheap one than a more expensive one (you would be shocked by the amount of beauty products have found death in my suitcase).

Hope you will find this post interesting, let me know if there is something new from Essence I need to try!

Have a nice day babes!

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Hello sweethearts!
How are you all doing tonight?
Did you have a nice break for Easter?

I hope so!

If you follow me on twitter you will know mine have can I say...maniac? Missed flights, horrible weather and Poorly Precious Baby were just the main ingredients.

Now I am back to reality and hopefully to this blog a bit more than I have been recently.

Tonight I want to share with you a little treasure found casually in a Peacock store.

The W7 palette In the city is probably the most spot on dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Basic 2.

Let's start with the packaging: the metal case is a winner for me, it's safe in my bag, easy to clean and nice to look at.

The eyeshadows themselves are soft and buttery and they blend very easily.

All the shades are matte.

Wigwam is a pale champagne

Troy is a soft nude hue

Brass is my fave, a light taupe

Touch is a soft brown

Autumn a greish brown

Andrea is a dark charcoal grey

Do not take into consideration the image at the back of the palette, it's useless cos the colours are not even closer to the ones inside.

I have been using this palette on a daily basis since I got it and now I really understand what the fuss was all about with the Naked 2.

These colours are just versatile and useful in basically every look you want to create.

I use the cream and nude shades as highlighters, the darkest ones to sculpt the crease or on the lower lash line to blend the eye pencil.

Considering the price of the palette, the quality is outstanding, they blend perfectly and last all day long with a primer (I use Make Up Revolution at the moment).

The retail price is what you will love most, I know...drumrolls please...4.99!!!

I normally buy W7 from Fragrance Direct but I cannot find this particular palette, so it's a case for the old dear friends  eBay and Amazon.

You may find interesting that there is a second version of this palette that is called In the nudes that is, of course, the dupe for the Naked Basic 1.

There is another star product from W7 that I love, can you guess which one is it?

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hello everybody!!!

I am fighting with a multi failure situation here, Internet doesn't work in the house, blogger doesn't work on my phone and I cannot find the charger for my camera but here I am trying to blog for you.

Few months back, we were literally bombarded with 2737374 previews of the mega collaboration in between the sport giant Adidas and the Happy singer Pharrell Williams.

The project blew me away, completely: the iconic Adidas Superstar shoes rivisited in 50 new colours.

I got my first Adidas Superstar when I was 18 and I lived on them until my foot was too big to fit that size so you can imagine my joy.

I kept looking at the pictures on Instagram trying to make up my mind regarding the colour to get and at the end I decided: magenta, the dark red that kept catching my eyes.

Well, I should have not wasted my time.

The collection sold out as soon as it went on sale online and the shops had a very, stupid, extremely limited selection of 6 or 7 colours.

After the disaster of the Mary Katrantzou collection (remind me to tell you about that), Adidas is really getting on my nerves so I declined their online promise to find me my shoes in two weeks and opted for my second choice.

Considering the collection was launched in stores few weeks ago, there is not much left around, in terms of sizes and colours.

I found mine in Foot Asylum in Manchester Arndale and here I am, proud owner of my second pair of Adidas Superstar.

If you follow me on Instagram (@itsabloggersworld) you know I was torn in between two options, red and blue.

And the winner is........

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Hello everybody!

I do not now where did I find ghe strength to write this blog post, I am so tired I could sleep all the way untill Monday,  but I really wanted to share with you all the newest initiative of the Manchester Arndale so, here I am, cup of tea in one hand, tablet in the other and Adorable Dog on my feet.

This week end the shopping centre is helding a fantastic event in collaboration with the super talented illustrator and author Dom&Ink.

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March, every customer that spends more than £60 in the centre (easy peasy), will be able to receive a t shirt personalized with Dom's illustrations.

For this very special and fashionable occasion, Dom has created different characters representative af our Manchester that you will be able to personalized and have the choosen one printed on a t shirt, all completely free of charge.

I will be there tomorrow morning and I am sure we all know already which characters I will choose.

Isn'tit great?

Head to the Arndale for this week end and remember to visit the Trends Illustrated stand just in front of Next.

I had the chance to meet Dom before, he is one of the nicer person I have ever met and I am looking forward to have my t shirt designed anc printed.

Now, a bit of an oftopic question: am I the only one that finds blogger app totally crap???

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Hello my dears!
Brace yourselves because this review is gonna be bad.
Really, really bad.
I don't think I have ever tried, in all these years of blogging,  in all these years of beauty addiction,  a lipstick so horrible like this one.
I have tried Primark beauty products before and with some hits and misses, I tent to have a very positive opinion of  the range.

This lipstick is not a miss, it's a tragedy.

Unfortunately for me, that day there were no tester available so I bought it, for £1.50, without trying. 
Biggest- mistake- ever.

The texture is a disaster.

The bullet has the hardest consistency I have ever seen, it doesn't glide onto your lips, it's not nice and smooth,  it's not nice at all!

Swatches? Seriously? 

Do you think it was easy to have a decent and even layer of that thing (I refuse to call it lipstick, sorry)?

The shade is a pale soft red, that would probably make anybody look ill.

The application is as difficult and unpleasant as it looks like.

Think about trying to apply those candy fake lipsticks: sticky, rough, dried my lips out, I HATE it!

If you are browsing the Primark beauty section and you see run run and don't look back!

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Sunday night post is the laziest of the week.

I am absolutely shattered,  Precious Baby needs an exorcism to go through the teething phase he is at the moment and I need an extra dose of Nutella to survive.

So I already mention in a previous post how much I love my Lauren Luke brushes.

I am sooooooo late on this bandwagon but I swear, it looks like these are the only brushes I am using at the moment.

The contour brush is the one I like more, due to the small head it's perfect to use for small pans in the palettes, without taking powders from the pans around.

I managed to find some more on ebay, I got another contour brush, another powder one and an angled brush.


On my make up brushes wish list I have the Real Tecniques bold series, the sculpting kit and the rose gold set from Zoeva.

What's on yours?

Friday, 20 March 2015



Am I the only one all happy for the fist sunny day we had today??

Spring is in the air, I am sure it's ready in our wardrobe too and nothing it's better than exploring  new collections around the stores when the new seasons arrive.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an exclusive bloggers event organised by Quiz Clothing held in the Manchester Arndale store.

It was a beautiful evening spent chatting around, eating cupcakes (with our our names on, how cool!) and touching with hands what the brand has to offer.

I use to consider the Quiz shop as a destination for bridesmaid, prom, wedding and party outfits so it was a very pleasant surprise to find out that's a lot more to explore.

Along to the beautiful lace, tulle and crystal decorated dresses I found some beautiful (and much more suitable for every day outfits) pieces.

These were my favourite ones:

The black honeycomb skirt

The comfy wings jumper

The crepe check jumpsuit

You can find these and much more in store and online.

I stongly recommend you to have a good look to the jewellery section, I spotted fewnecklaces and earrings that I will probably end up buying very soon.

Hope you are gonna find something that suits you, I am sure you will not have a problem on that!