Monday, 26 January 2015


Late night confession: I have got shit hair.
that's it, nothing more to say.

It's not straight, not curly, madly frizzy, ghd-resistant, it just doesn't respect any rules.

The fact that last summer a stupid hairdresser did some serious damage with a relaxing treatment did not help, cos now I basically have two different length of hair.

I have been thinking about extensions few times, but my hairdresser told me it's not really a good idea considering it could made it actually be worse.

That's why I was more than delighted to offer myself to review one of the pieces sold by Hot Hair, an online retailer where you can find wigs, hair extension, hairpieces etc etc.

I choose the 3/4 wig "Beyonce" in ebony, as I am a big fan of the loose curls style.

Few things about it:

  • it's made of synthetic hair, styled for you 
  • it's kept in place by 2 combs and 2 small clips
  • it's available in 12 colour
  • you can't heat style

The wig is nicely presented in a box with a protective net.

The "body" of the wig, the part that gets fixed onto your hair, is soft but looks strong and resistant.

The hair itself is soft and the waves are bouncy and natural.

I applied it on clean hair about 10 cm's behind my hairline, as advised, and it literally took 2 minutes to secure it.

I used my own hair to hide the join, pinning few section back with a bobby pin and that's it, you are done.

I have been out wearing it and I must admit only my Perfect Husband realise it was a wig.

It's very natural and soft and it felt perfectly stable on my head.

It just gave me that polished look I wish I had on my natural hair, with thick, full and shiny hair.

I haven't washed it yet but the website provides all the informations to do it.

I am thinking about styling the Beyonce wig with an hat or headscarf (better if it's an Hermes one).

If you are unhappy about your hair I can totally recommend to give the Hot Hair website a look, I mean, it took me 5 minutes to have the hair i normally have after hours and hours (and money) to the hairdresser!

I really enjoyed the "Celebrity Hair" section, where you can snap a Pony Hairdo a la Blake Lively or challenging your hidden Eva Longoria style.

I hope this post will help you choose the right one for you.

Thank you Hot Hair and Michelle for the chance you gave me to play wiht this beauty

Good Niiigghhttt *swish wig*

Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello everybody,

Are we all happy it's finally Friday?

I am fiercely convinced that to compensate the fact that January is the most miserable month of the year, the week end should consist of three full days instead of two, we really need more time to recharge the batteries.

Tonight I want to talk you about one of the newest placed opened in Manchester, so far the most exciting!

Are you ready to escape a prison? Can you challenge an ancient Mummy? Would you risk being slaughtered?

I have got the place for you.

In the heart of Manchester city centre, just off Harvey Nichols, you will find The Escape Room.

Basically inside the enormous and newly refurbished venue, there are five themed rooms: Prison Break, the Mummy, Room 13, The Secret Lab, Slaughter House.

You and your friends will be locked inside the chosen room: only by solving the given hints and clues, one that leads to the other, the door will finally open, all this in 60 minutes.

If you don't do in 60 minutes you will be buried alive in the back garden. I am joking, people, calm down.
This concept of "game rooms" started in Malesya and yuppi, we have got one in Manchester now!

I was invited to have a good look around and let me tell you, I came back home absolutely entusiastic about it.

Me and my Irena went there and we were welcomed by some drinks and chats with the super friendly staff members and the owner.
There is a kind of relaxing area with a bar, tables and places to sit to enjoy a drink before or afterwards the "room experience", that I fond extremely confortable and cosy, with beautiful chandeliers and a nice balcony that I believe will be well worthy a visit in summer!

We were then introduced to our team mates, the lovely Melissa and her boyfriend Sam and we were then escourted to our crazy destination: The Mummy.

Now, I don't wanna ruin the surprise in any way or drop any spoiler but...WWOOOOOWWWW.

We laughed, we talked, we swore a little bit, but at the end WE MANAGE TO ESCAPE!

It took us 45 minutes, not bad at all, to solve all the mysteries.

Seriously people, you really need to go and have a look by yourself.

I am planning to try the other rooms and to go with my friend in a kind of  "who escape first" battle, I maybe going for my birthday actually, it would be a very different kind of party right?

Here is the link for the website, where you can find more informations and you can book aswell.
I would recommend you to follow the Escape Room on twitter and on facebook to know about events and competitions.

Well done guys for bringing something so different and entertaining in Manchester and thank you to Ledigo PR for another amazing event!

I will talk to you all very soon, byeee.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hello my dears,

I have been a very bad bloggers recently but it looks like every time I sat on the computer, a big emergency (Precious Baby climbing on the stairs, Precious Baby trying to strangle the dog, Precious Baby thinking is a good idea to paint my kitchen's wall with tomato sauce)  requests my attention and bye bye blog posts.

Today I want to remind you about the fantastic charity initiative that is gonna be launched this Friday in the Manchester Arndale: The Empty Shop is back!

I already wrote about this last year, when we saw The Empty Shop in Manchester for the first time (here is the link) so I hope you already know what you need to do to help.

Put all those unwanted Christmas gifts, non fitting clothes, ex boyfriend's presents in a bag and bring it to the stand situated in the Arndale to help support The Mustard Tree, a Manchester based charity that helps homeless and marginalised people to get back on on track.

My bag is all ready, hope you will get involved with your donations and don't forget to spread the voice!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hello gorgeous!

How are you? Is 2015 treating you right?

I hope you all had a great end of the year and a even better new one.

I am back to reality, back in Manchester, back to work and back to my Adorable Dog.

Now, we have got a big problem to solve here: in less than a year we will have to say goodbye to the Essence pop up shop located inside the Manchester Arndale.

I can't cope. I just can't.

I quiclky and easly got used to have that little (well not so little really) shop of treasure just on my doorstep, where I indulge in the most guilty free cosmetic shopping.

What I will miss more will be, for sure, the regular and joyful availability of all Essence's new collections.

If you follow them on Instagram you know what am I talking about.

Here are some purchases I made from the new 2014 autumn and winter collections.

The retractable brush

This is ideal for my makeup kit I always have in my bag for quick touch ups on the go.
I have tried essence brushes before and so far, I have never been disappointed.

The highlighter

Not only this is the cutest highliter I have seen in the aw collections all around, but it is, aswell, the best in terms of quality/price.

It's perfect for a subtle shimmer on nose, cheekbones and forehead without being too glittery or sparkling.

The lip cream

Any single brand this year, has come out with a liquid lipstick, some of them are good, some others are rubbish.

I am pleased to say this one fits in the first category and for 1.99 it's a total winner.

The shade I got is Beautifall, a dark warm red that dries out in a matte texture.

It lasts few drinks and snacks and most of all, doesn't cracks your lips as the majority of this kind of textures.

The Address Book

Well...I did not really need this, all the contact informations I need are on my phone but I did not realize this was an address book (thank you dutch unknown words on the front) until I was home, I really thought this was just a small, cute, pink notebook.

I will probably use it as a present at some point.

How to make your face wow palette.

No seriously, would you believe it's only £5.99?

A bronzer, an highliter and two blushes, with that matte intense pink that recalls some of the most expensive brands.

The eyeliner pen and lash princess mascara set

I haven't tried this mascara yet but I read fantastic reviews about it, whilst I have already used and loved the eyeliner. I got one for my sister few months ago and she has already repurchased it twice.

Mountain calling cream to powder blush

Well this is a new thing for me.

This berry shade blush ( 01 let's climb mount beauty) has got a gel like texture that dries out matte once is blended.

I use a duo fiber brush to apply it, it doesn't look patchy and the final shade it's a sheer mauve-pink very natural and wintery.

Come to town cream blush

This blush is very similar to the maybelline bouncy blush.

It has got a velvet consistency and it has got, once again, a matte finish.

I do not like to use my finger to apply my make up but in this case I do an exception cos I get the better results.

To be more accurate, I apply the blush with my fingertips and then blend it with a duo fiber blush.
I bet you stopped reading this blog post half way through and you are already heading to the Essence  shop or online here.

Friday, 26 December 2014


This past year for me was red.

I can't stop buying red lipsticks (in this exact moment I am writing this blog post, a little Kiko shopping bag is hidden inside my bag) and to be honest, I don't want to.

This particular one was a real struggle to find.

Dolce and Gabbana's make up here in UK in exclusive to Harrods.

It was launched in Selfridges few years ago but after less than a year it disappeared and since then, unless you live in London, the only way to purchase this very high end make up is online.

To be fair, I don't like to buy expensive make up online; I like to see, swatch, try everything especially when it costs a lot more then my drugstore usuals.

When I heard about the collaboration between Dolce and Gabbana, probably my fave Italian designers, and Monica Bellucci, I knew I had to own this lipstick.

Monica is the quintessential of the Italian beauty and elegance.

She has always been one of the Designers muse and you cannot really be surprise about it.

Her face, her body, her total self screams passion, elegance, style.

I was so lucky to meet her ages ago and I remember thinking "who the hell is this woman? She is stunning" before realising I was facing one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

The collection itself sees a series of lipstick, all with an intense pigmentation, creamy texture and hydrating effect.

I hunted down this lipsticks as they were Monica's horcruxes and finally, I found a well stocked Dolce and Gabbana counter inside the famous spanish department store El Corte Engles in Madrid.

After lots of "wow" and "awwww" I went for the 160 Italian Monica.

Pure strong vibrant red.

The packaging is pure luxury, a golden sturdy metal case with Monica's signature printed in red.

It's so soft to apply and glides on as a dream.

The final effect is quite intense, plumping, bright and glossy.

It's a orange base red, quite suitable for warm or cool tones.

It doesn't last a meal but you know what, I don't care abot re applying it when the result is such a treasure.

I kind of remember this was about 26 euros and I am actually glad there is not a Dolce and Gabbana's counter in Manchester , I would probably end up buying the whole lot.

Next on the wishlist: the foundation....

Thursday, 25 December 2014


I cannot think about a better way to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, than doing it with a very happy pug.

I wish you all the best for this Christmas and upcoming 2015.

Merry merry Christmas and now, pass me the lasagna thanks.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Hello my dears and happy Christmas eve!

Are we all ready to eat, drink and unwrap presents?

I totally am, to be honest I am really trying to get myself busy and in a festive mood so I will not think about not being, for the first time in my life, with my family
for Christmas.

Now, for me, mandatory on Christmas Holidays is a bright, intense, red lippie.

Despite having 566788 red lipsticks, it took me 5 seconds to  bag the L'OREAL COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PURE REDS J LO after swatching it in Superdrug.

This is, so far, the closest dupe to Mac Ruby Woo I have seen around.

It's a blue based red, so rich in colour you can have full coverage in one coat applying it straight from the bullet.

The finish is matte but stays quite creamy on the lips, I was quite glad not to experience the sand paper feeling I normally get after a bit I am wearing other matte lipsticks.

In terms of longevity, you will get way with few hours and drinks; a red stain effect will stay on the lips even after eating but consider reapplying after a full meal.

Best part of the review, is writing how much is this.... £6.99!!!!

At the time I got it (last friday) there was a very tempting 3x2 on all L'oreal cosmetics in Superdrug but you really need to be quick if  you are considering to buy it, this J Lo shade sold out pretty quick, I had to visit about 3 stores to find it.

I hope you will all have a fantastic Christmas eve and let's the celebrations begin!!!