Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hi everybody!

It looks like I cannot find any better time in the day to publish a blog post than after midnight so here we go again.

It probably depends from the fact that at this time everybody is asleep, Adorable Dog included, so I can just sit down with my cup of tea and relax taking care of this little blog of mine.

So today I want to share with you some picture from the Didi's Boutique event, held few months ago in Manchester.

I heard for the first time about this brand during Manchester Fashion Week 2014 where, thanks to my blogger pals and their pictures of the catwalk uploaded on social medias, I could admire some very nice outfits.

When I heard that they were holding an event in their own boutique in Altrincham, well, I could not wait to go.

The company has been founded by Anna, is an amazing woman full of enthusiasm and joy, that started by selling clothes from home, offering her help as a stylist and organising private parties.

The shopping experience with Anna is pleasant, smooth and easy thanks to her excellent taste and experience so even busy women that struggle to find time to shop can have an updated wardrobe.

Doesn't surprise me the increasing success brought to the opening of the shop in Altrincham where Anna and all the rest of the staff keep on giving good advices and selling great clothes and accessories at more than reasonable prices.

You will have to forgive the very poor quality of my pictures but my camera had no battery so I had to use the crappy phone camera (note to self: always put the camera's battery on charge the night before an event!).

If you are lucky enough that you are planning for a holiday soon, well you can find interesting the selection of summer dresses, accessories and beachwear available.

My favourite outfits were this two (here and here) , unfortunately I couldn't find my size which is really a shame.

Didi's boutique is an online boutique aswell so if you are not local no problem, you just need a laptop.

Thank you so much Anna and all the amazing people of Didi's boutique, hope to see you soon!

Friday, 15 August 2014


Hello people!

Here I am in the middle of the night discussing make up with all of you.

Today I want to talk about this hyper successful palette from Nars called And God created the woman.

It's a Sephora and Space NK exclusive and more than a palette is a set, cos it comes with a mini size of the famous eyeshadow primer Smudge proof eyeshadow base and a brush.

I have very mixed feelings for this palette.

I bought it last year when it became available in Space Nk after being sold out for ages and all I could think when I finally got it in the flash was "what's the fuss is all about?"

This is a very nice palette you see, but with 475767 nudes/naturals palettes over there, I just didn't get it why it was looked so special to everybody.

Now, I must admit, I kinda change my opinion and I don't regret the purchase at all.

The packaging is very...Nars! Opaque solid black plastic, ready to collect every single grain of dust that comes in its proximity.

The primer is something I will never buy on its own, despite being an excellent product it's far too expensive and the hard plastic case just cause a waste of the product that cannot be collected with the applicator.

The brush, made of natural hair, has a wide shape and it's perfect to apply the powder all over the lid, if I want to do something more detailed I need usually a smaller one, anyway this one is a pretty decent brush.

The palette contains six eyeshadows, two matte and four shimmer.

I have been using all of them and now I will explain you why this palette turned out to be a win:

First, considering it's Nars we are talking about, the price of the whole set is incredibly convenient: £35 for 6 eyeshadows, a brush and a primer it's a good value for this brand.

Second, every single aspect of these eyeshadow is a dream: blending, pigmentation, long lasting effect, they are just  SO GOOD.

left to right: Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, Night Clubbing

My favourite eyeshadow has to be Ahlambra, it's the perfect soft shimmer beige that I normally use as a wash on the lid for 99% of my looks.

Last but not least, it's small, sturdy and perfect to take away with you. I travel a lot and this little black case has been with me every single time I have been away since I got it.

The palette is available here and there will be soon a new release of a "And God created the woman part 2" which is exactly the same: don't ask please, I didn't get what does this mean too.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hello my darlings,

How are you all doing?

I have been back from my holiday last week and of course, I would go back tomorrow if I could.
I had an amazing time, weather was gorgeous and being all day long on the beach has been my family's main activity.

We are back to reality now (where reality means that I am blogging on the sofa under a bloody duvet, it's so cold!) and I am really happy to be here writing this post.

I told you already here about this fantastic new brand, Essence Cosmetics, that opened a pop up shop in the Arndale Market in Manchester.

Few weeks after it opened, I was kindly invited with few other bloggers to the even the brand held in the "Studio" in Northen Quarter.

Let's take few minutes to admire the impressive light seen on the location, that of course I decided I absolutely want for my Precious Baby's room.

A generous assortment of food and drinks was provided and there was a corner set with lights to take pictures of the products.

I want to start saying that an event like that, mmm, well...I don't think nobody will ever manage to do better, so standing ovation to FlipsidePr for organising all this.

After we arrived, Heidi (the PR) and one of Essence representative from Germany (you will forget me if I cannot recall the name) introduced us the brand and the company.

I was familiar with Essence Cosmetics thanks to the brand being sold in Italy and it didn't surprise me to find out it's Europe's number one make up brand, with millions of products flying off the shelves every year and a continuous renovation process.

I find pretty easy to understand why: prices starts from 99p but never go over 10 quids keeping an high quality standard, colourful and fun products, mainly produced (and checked) in Europe, are launched every years in original and attractive collections and limited editions and, cherry on top of the cake, no animal testing, thank you.

No money are wasted in paying top model and top photoshopper to promote the brand, all the effort in invested in the cosmetics themself. 

After this little talk, the big fun started, cos we were allowed, like kids in a candy shop, to have a look and a play with EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT OF THE BRAND.

All over the room there were tables with cosmetics on display, ready for us to be tested, swatched and tried and at the end of the room, a big 3 meters stand was all there for us for a crazy make up self service that I will remember for all my life.

We were given the chance to put in our already very generous goody bag, whatever we wanted.

Now, let me tell you that if you like nail products, well, you have a new place to shop without a killer price tag: the nail polishes collection is basically endless, constantly updated with the latest trends and on top of 5678392763 shades available you will find every kind of tool, top coats, solvents, decorations and an entire gel nails system, light included.

The lovely Pamper Puff Girls were there to treat us with a manicure and despite not having the time to get one myself, I had a look to the other girls nails and I was impressed with the final look of these £1.60 little bottle when i went home and I had a mini quick mani.

I decided to have my foundation colour matched by the designed make up artist of the day, Nadira, that shared with me few tricks to achieve the perfect base and using concealer to contour (when the concealer costs £2, it's even better).

When I though it couldn't get any better, I was proven wrong.

We were accompanied to the Essence shop in the Arndale shopping centre (second floor if you want to go and have a look) to explore the retail area and try even more products.

Thank you so much FlipsidePR for such an amazing event and let's cheer up for Essence Cosmetic that is finally here in UK!

You can find Essence in Wilkinson nationwide and online and in Manchester Arndale and London Westfield.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hi People!

Yes I am posting at 2 am, I am out of my mind.

I am still packing for my holidays, tomorrow we fly back to Italy for a bit and of course, I have 373747 things to do.

I just wanted to say a quick hello, and introduce you my new shoes!

They are of course very inspired to the Sophia Webster butterfly shoes, but listen, I only paid around 19 quids for these so they are more than ok for me.

I love the purple metallic fabric and they are quite comfortable.

Here is the link to the ebay seller I got these shoes from but if you just write "vampire diaries butterfly shoes" in the search box you should be able to find the same style and maybe get a better price!

Now it's really time to go to bed
Good night!!!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hello my make up addicted! 

Did you know Wilkinson does make up brushes?

Wait, let me re-phrase this: did you know that Wilkinson does friggin AMAZING make up brushes?

Few weeks ago I visited the shop in the Arndale and I was attracted by a nice and tidy display of make up brushes and beauty tools.

Along with a cheap (but very pretty looking I must say) line of make up brushes I noticed some more professional pieces and needless to say, I felt the need to try them.

Enter the haul:

I purchased the foundation brush, the stippler brush and the powder brush

Despite these be the "premium" line, the price is very reasonable, considering I paid only £4 per brush.

All of these brushes are made of synthetic hair and they are sold in reusable plastic pouches (very handy if you travel a lot and, like me, you hate the idea of loose brushes in your make up bag).

The handle is made of a solid black matte plastic where the orange gold ferrule is inserted.
I have washed all the brushes twice and I didn' t notice any shedding or fading , hurray! 

The foundation brush is flat, densely packed and slightly bigger than some other foundation ones I own, as the real techniques and mac ones.

It's soft, blends the foundation quickly and easily and with the pointy tip I can adjust the application around the nose or underneath the eyes. 

The stippler brush made me laugh a bit, when I noticed about the misspelled name on the handle and on the website, but I really couldn't care less cos it's a bloody good brush!

It's just incredible how, for a fraction of the price, this duo fiber brush can easily be compared to a mac or a sigma one.

I have been using it to apply my bbcream (I am using the Bourjois BB bronzing cream at the moment) on top of my foundation just to give a bit of tan to my skin and with this brush I get a good airbrushed effect, not too heavy or cakey.
Now, I saved the best for last.

Enter my hero, the mega maxi giant powder brush.
I love, love love this last one.

 It's so big that can apply my setting powder all over my face in two strokes.

It's soooo soft and fluffy and again, for 4 quids I couldn't ask for more.
The big dome shape was not affected by the washing and blends nicely both pressed and loose powders.
There were more brushes available in this range, as a double ended smoky eyes brush and some eyeshadow ones that are on top of my wish list.
Well done Wilko, now we love you even more.