Saturday, 6 February 2016


No way I can go to the Intu Trafford centre without paying a little visit to my adored Kiko Milano shop, ending up buying something.

This time my little Kiko bag featured few sale items it would have been crazy not to buy.

First of all I got two Metallic Shine Eyeshadows, shades 01 and 06.

 These are incredibly similar to the Chanel Illusion d'ombre, with that peculiar powder to cream texture that makes the formula incredibly buttery and soft.

Shade 01 is a soft light pink whilst the 06 is a metallic taupe.

 Both are extremely buildable, I find easier to apply these shadpws with my fingers or, if you prefer to use a brush, I would advise a sponge applicator or a very dense and thick one.

The metallic effect is what I prefer about these two shadows, I do believe that all the shades available in the Rebel Romantic collection are worthy to be purchased just because of this incredible texture and finish.

The sale price is £3.40. No I am not kidding.

Second purchase was the Cream Radiance Highlighter, shade 02.

I spotted this in store when it first came out but I was not convinced.

Then, Instagram made its magic and I decided I couldn't live without strobing my face with this little creamy wonder.

The packaging is quite bulky, if you consider this whole sphere contains a normal flat pan, but for Kiko, sky is the limit when it comes to packaging and design.

The highlighter itself has a creamy gold sheer finish and once again, I prefer to work it with my fingertips or with a little sponge.

I can't unfortunately find it online but there were plenty in store so if you have Kiko point around you, it could be your lucky day and find it on the shelves.

I can't recall the price, I think it was around a fiver and there is a second shade available, 01, that is more a peach pink with a little bit more sparkling effect than this.

Third and last purchase was a serum.

Considering I own an embarassing ammount of Kiko make up, I decided to explore the skincare section a bit more.

The Energy Fusion Serum, is defined as  "Radiance Enhancing".

The clear glass bottle contains a yellow gel like serum packed with Vit. C.
I am using this serum in the morning and I must admit I relly like the fruity scent and the final consistence.

It works perfectly as a make up base together with my face cream.

You may not like it if you are looking for a product that address a special needs of you skin, for example dry skin, acne etc, this is more lika an everyday serum for all skin types.

Once again I cannot recall the price but I am sure it was less than 10 pounds.

The sale are still on in store and online so hurry up if you want to try Kiko or add more cosmetics to your, I am sure, growing collection.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


What do you do to cheer yourself up on a windy, cold and very rainy day in Manchester?

You go and try new lipstick of course!

This week's beauty destination was the glorious beauty hall in House Of Fraser where the new Guerlain lipsticks and nail polishes were launched.

La Petite Robe Noire is the new collection from the prestigious French brands that sees a brand new range of lipsticks and nail varnishes.

How cool is the dress label used to try the perfume?

The selection of shades males pretty easy to find something suitable for every taste and skintone, with all the colours available, from the pretty pastel pink to a very deep purple.

The lipsticks are incredibly soft and creamy with a sheer shiny effect but extremely buildable for a deeper effect.

The big news of this collection are the two top coats "Black Perfecto" and "My First Lipstick".

The first makes the lipstick/nail polish a bit darker with a more smoky effect, the second one adds a subtle sparkle and sheer effect.

I swatched the lipstick " 003 Red Heels" with both the topcoats.

From left to right: with Black Perfecto, without any coat and with My First Lipstick.

Can you see how different they look?
These two products can make you play A LOT with your lipsticks!

I did not try any of the nail polishes but if you are searching some bright pastels to renew your spring collection, I would advise to have a good look!

Hope you enjoyed this little Guerlain update!

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Hello lovely people.

Once again I write about this charity initiative held in Manchester Arndale called "The Empty Shop".

For the third year, you can bring those bags of unwanted clothes to help the Mustard Tree.

Here you can find all the details but this year there is a little variation.

You won't find the Empty Shop in Exchange Square in Arndale but you will be able to leave your kind donations in different points situated all over the shops of the mall.

There is more!

For every bag of clothes donated, you will be entitled to a discount.
Here is the full list:

Next - free prize draw £30 gift card
Quiz - 10%
Jack & Jones - 20%
Burton - 10%
Dorothy Perkins - 10%
Evans - 15%
Jacamo - 20%
Luke - 20%
New Look - 10%
Simply Be - 20%
Warehouse - 20%

C'mon people, pack some bags and do some goods!
I am gonna drop mine on friday, probably in Warehouse (cheecky use of the discount on the denim section!).
 You have got time till the 31st of January.

Good Night!

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hello people!

Manchester Beauty addicts must have been very good girls last year because, after the opening of Kiko Milano, we have been treated to another big make up launch.


The big massive Boots in Market Street/Arndale not only stocks the brand but has got a huge counter of the famous american brand.

Before Boots came along, getting hands on NYX full range was a bloody nightmare, eBay and Next had only a small selection of products and buying directly from USA meant custom charges or extortionate shipping fees.

Problem solved now!

The counter in Boots is a dream come true, NYX full range is there, ready for us, all the make up can be seen, tried, searched and bought!

The counter is organized in sections, so you will find foundations, eyebrows, brushes, lipsticks, eyes etc and every product has got a tester to be tried.

The MUA have been incredibly helpful all the times I have been there so if you are looking for some advice's, don't hesitate to ask.

I was given some products to try and I am even more in love with this brand.

The quality is amazing and the prices are just incredibly affordable (and don't forget to use your Boots card for points!).

I religiously follow the Instagram page of NYX UK (@nyxukcosmetics) for all the looks and new products and now is, of course, even better considering I can touch with hands whatever catches my attention.

So what are you doing this week end? Going to Boots Arndale I suppose!

Have a great day babes!

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Morning Ladies!

Kiko sale are on and my advice is "Move your ass and get the brushes!"

Kiko has a permanent line of make up brushes but this is, in my personal opinion, just..."nice" and not really worthy the price.

The limited edition ones are, thanks God, on another level.

In the past few years, every single new Kiko collection has come out with gorgeous and very high quality LE brushes.

The best releases are on Christmas, with gift sets on a promotional price that comes even cheaper with the sales.

This year, I got the Cosmic Starlet Brush Set for about 30 pounds, that works well, like 5 pounds a brush. It is sold out online so you will have to look for it in store.

The set includes a foundation brush, a concealer brush, an angled eyeliner brush and a powder brush in a silver pouch.

All the brushes are made of synthetic bristles on a silver plastic handles with logo and silver ferrulae.

These brushes are a cuddle for the face.
The powder brush is one of the softest I have ever tried and it's perfect to apply loose powders.

Both foundation and concealer ones have a round domed shape and are quite stiff but not harsh at all on the skin.
The concealer one on particular is perfect to apply cream products to the side of my nose for a bit of contouring.

The eyeliner brush has got the perfect consistency to achieve a define line without being scratchy.

I have washed them all few times with no shedding and haven't noticed any change in the shape.

Once again, Kiko Milano, you did a hell of a good job.